Row house in Talegaon: A Good Or A Bad Idea?

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    Jun 18, 2014
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Row house in Talegaon: A Good Or A Bad Idea? Photo by Pune Naiknavare

Today, it is better to stay a bit towards the outskirts of either Mumbai or Pune for a lot of other benefits. Even if you have to drive all the way to your work place, it really pays when you can afford to stay in a place that offers panoramic views and cool life. Talegaon is one such place which must never be ignored if a serene life is what you aim for. How long will you live in polluted interiors of the city if you get used to the fresh air that you get a bit away from the city? Are you wondering about the amenities you get there? Well, a quick visit to the Eagle’s nest will clear many doubts as you may feel that your search for the ideal place has come to an end.

This project is planned quite close to the reserved forest which is a green zone. So, you have greenery around. As the location is a couple of thousand feet above the sea level, the view from there rocks. What surrounds this place? Well, there are waterfalls, hills and forests. In fact you can go to Lonavala every weekend if you live there. Now, you must have understood the perks of living in a place like this rather than a place like Swargate which connects well to other parts of the city but still makes you feel uncomfortable.

Other apartments in Pune which suit every lifestyle

Actually, apartments in Pune can also be considered even if you are a nature lover but you must make a move after browsing through as many projects as possible because not all of them provide the same lifestyle. They come with varying price tags and so are the amenities and the comfort levels offered by them. Great lifestyle can never be expected in congested areas or poorly built flats. Peace can never be expected when you live in a place which even lacks good drinking water facilities and other basic needs of your life. So, the bottom line is your choice takes you to your destiny and that’s why you must open your eyes when you choose to buy homes. Maybe the only saving grace from the confusion is talking to a reliable and a trusted builder.

Naiknavare developers were busy building homes which compete with paradise and maybe that is why they have sustained the competition in the real estate market.

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Naiknavare Developers are credited with some of the finest apartments in Pune. They have spread their wings beyond the Pune city with projects in chakan, talegaon and Goa. Eagle’s nest offers row house in talegaon that will be your destination to unwind and relax. The project maintains a perfect balance of nature and construction area.

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