What Is The Purpose Of The Biometric Enrollment Services?

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    Jul 12, 2014
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What Is The Purpose Of The Biometric Enrollment Services? Photo by Arvind  Sharma

The biometric services use an automated method of recognizing an individual based on their physical characteristics like fingerprints, face, iris, hand geometry, voice and other dynamic signatures.  As the mentioned factors are unique to each individual, a recorded document of all these factors is as good holding physical evidence of each person’s identity. As these characteristics are distinctively varied from individual to individual, biometric identification is more useful in differentiating between an authorized and a fraudulent person.

There are various reasons the biometrics enrollment services have replaced the traditional services of documentation because:

• With the biometrics enrollment services there is a need for the person to be present physically, during the biometrics enrollment process and at any point of identification.

• This biometric enrollment does not require any PIN numbers of passwords, and eliminates the chances of fraudulent replication of data, or miscalculation.

• Biometric recognition can be used to identify individuals amidst a large database, extremely quickly as compared to the traditional methods, which involved searching for either the individuals name or any other data related to him
• With the biometrics enrollment services, the time taken to log all the individual’s data and documentation is reduced by half, and reduces any chances of further delays in identification approvals

The advantages of the Biometric Enrollment Process are:

• When the data is collected, it is secured and preserved with uttermost care. Only individuals with high level authorization can have access to this data. With this, the chances of any data being shared or misused are extremely low.

• Since the data collected is extremely accurate, Accessing and replicating data to exact perfection will be very tough and not mention, nearly impossible.

• More and more international bodies are now following this process as a means of identification. With this, there is a need for an international database, where all the document data is recorded and preserved

• Since this process requires a perfect method of certification it reduces any chances of human error or delays in any documentation processing, thereby reducing any unwanted delays in applications for passports or visas

When you apply for a passport or visa, as part of the biometrics enrollment process, you will need your biometric characteristics to be recorded and documented through a visit the relevant ministry office. This data will be recorded and inserted into your passport via a chip or a bar code. This biometrics enrollment services vary from country to country, but they follow a standard set of laws which are approved internationally.  Most embassies and consulates also outsource this Biometric Enrollment Services to other channels.

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