What are the mistakes to avoid when applying for an online visa?

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    Jul 12, 2014
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What are the mistakes to avoid when applying for an online visa? Photo by Arvind  Sharma

Applying for a visa online has its benefits.  While the process may seem very simple when using the visa application services online, even a tiny mistake can cause your visa application to get rejected. In order to ensure that your visa processing runs smoothly, it is crucial to understand the mistakes that are most commonly made when applying for the online visa.

Below mentioned are the mistakes to avoid when applying for the online visa:

• Understand the type of visa required. Many a time, many countries have different types of visa like the tourist visa or the transit visa as examples. Some countries stringently need a visa from certain countries, while a few are exempted from needing one. When you are travelling from your home country to your designated country, many a times you will stop over in between flights, anywhere between 6 hours to 12 hours. In such situations, you will require a transit visa, to avail of lodging services outside the airport. Without a transit visa, you will not be allowed to exit the airport. Therefore it is necessary to check before hand which type of visa you need to apply for before you plan your trip.

• Document requirements vary from country to country. Always check the official document requirements on the official website before you start your visa processing. Even if you miss a single document for the visa application services, your visa will get rejected. Certain visa requirements need you to physically hand in the documents whereas some visa applications require an attested copy digitally. The requirements of the documents depend on your visa type. To solve this problem, refer to the visa applications services for the correct guide.

• Ensure that you fill in your details accurately and completely. Incomplete forms will cause your online visa application to be rejected. Once the details are submitted, you cannot change any information, thus ensure that you have put in the relevant details. Most Visa Application Services provide assistance when you fill your form.

• Some visa applications require a personal interview with the embassy or consulate. Always check to ensure you have an official appointment for this interview. Many a times, individuals fail to keep their appointments and their applications get rejected. Plan this appointment as per your convenience and try not to change it.

• Keep a track of your visa application online. Once your application is accepted, you can either pick it up at the embassy or you can have it delivered at your home. Ensure that you plan your visa processing way in advance, to accommodate for any unplanned delays. You will not want to miss your flight, just because your visa application turned out a few hours late.

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