The Sweet Science

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    Aug 30, 2012
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The sport of boxing will always be known as the sweet science and even though many people seem to think that boxing is nothing more than two people trying to beat each other up. The sport is a part of the olympics as well as the title bouts that take place across the country and the world. Seriously skilled fighters work hard when it comes to training for a match.

They normally are on a diet and train endlessly in order to be physically and mentally prepared for their fight. The competition can be harsh in this sport and much of what is taught has to do with speed, power, stamina, and balance which also has to do with a boxing stance. The match is normally scheduled for a certain number of rounds before coming to a decision from the judges who score the fight by the punches that are thrown and connect.

A boxer may lose due to being knocked out in which they are not able to stand or answer the referee before the count of ten or they may lose by technical knockout which happens when a fighter is knocked down three times in a round. Boxing is not just about landing punches as it is about avoiding getting hit. Good defense starts from the fighting stance and the speed involved to telegraph punches to be able to block them or get out of the way.

Muhammad Ali used a strategy called the rope a dope where he would bob and weave and use the ropes to be able to assist him with not getting hit and to help with tiring out the opponent. This strategy worked very well for him as he used it in some of the best boxing matches ever fought. Joe Frazier and Joe Louis come to mind along with Rocky Marciano.

The sport also uses a ranking system to be able to tell who is up for a title shot against the champion. And to see who is where when it comes to chasing the title belt which is the highest goal and if attained it is the highest honor as you know that you are the best and at the top of your game. The challenge is all about the differant ways that the fight plays out after the training is done and you face your opponent in the ring.

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