Youth Fueling the Phoenix Suns

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    Dec 29, 2013
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Youth Fueling the Phoenix Suns Photo by Lemmy Morrie

Many expected the Phoenix Suns to have a bad year going into this season. The expectations made a lot of sense. The team for the last two seasons have gone nowhere and rebuilding seemed to be the best move for them right now. The off-season transactions by the team seemed to indicate so. They unloaded some veterans through trade and acquired young players. The idea about rebuilding is to get players with potential and letting them develop by giving them valuable playing time. Inexperienced players getting major minutes usually translate to loses, and it was a welcomed idea for the Suns who many thought could benefit from the talented draft pool next summer.

In short, the Suns made decisions with the potential to pile up loses this season, and those loses are valuable for the team to acquire what can be a generational talent from the next draft.

However, the Suns have surprised everybody this season. Yes, they are still giving major minutes to the young and unproven players on the team, but it has yet to result to a bunch of loses. Two months into the season and they currently have 18 wins with only 11 losses, good for the sixth best record in the tough western conference.

Their youth was supposed to result with them losing, but as it has turned out, it has them winning. The team plays with a lot of energy night in and night out, always working hard at both ends of the floor. This gives them a good chance even against the best teams in the league.

Teams with older core have a tough time matching up with them as they turn basketball games into marathon. They never stop attacking, and this often leaves opposing teams breathless and unable to keep up with them, bettering their chances for a victory.

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