Which One is the Best? Nappy Pads or Diapers

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    Jan 17, 2014
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Which One is the Best? Nappy Pads or Diapers Photo by Chetan Mahore

There is always a question of which one is the best for your baby. How does he or she feel when you use a diaper or a nappy pad? Is there are difference between the two? And most of all the strongest question which will be the decision maker is will this fit my budget? How do these products affect the budget you have allocated for your baby? All these questions need answering and only then you will be able to decide on the best product there is for your baby. Before you decide regarding the nappy pads or diapers there are some things that you can consider about diapers for babies.

A newborn baby perhaps needs 10-12 nappy changes every day while an infant would need about 6-7 nappy changes. Typical baby care would involve changing the baby nappy often to prevent him or her from wetness, rashes and infections. There are different varieties of nappies available in the market such as the cloth nappy, nappy pads and disposable diapers for babies.

Many parents often want to know if a cloth nappy is better than a disposable diaper. Doctors would answer in the affirmative, saying cloth nappies are definitely better for the child in comparison to disposable diapers. This is because in the cloth nappy the child's bottom gets more air in comparison to disposable nappies thereby making it comfortable for the baby. Chances of the baby suffering from diaper rash are reduced; also cloth nappies are quite economical. Yet a baby needs to be changed often which could become an issue if the baby is sleeping. The other alternative to disturbing the baby's sleep or letting the baby feel the wetness of urinating is to make use of baby nappy pads inside the cloth nappies.

There are many companies that sell pads especially the disposable ones such as Pampers, Huggies, and Johnson & Johnson etc. These disposable nappy pads work like women sanitary pads where a pad is placed inside the child's nappy that is either in cotton or plastic. This pad has to be changed every few hours. When you place a disposable pad inside the cloth diapers for babies it becomes similar to disposable diapers for the baby.

Not everything is as simple as just putting on the baby nappy pad and being done with it for a few hours. If the nappy pad is not changed in a few hours then the chances of diaper rash and other infections are increased. There are some benefits of using nappy pads as well. You do not have to wash a huge load of cloth diapers, nappy pad is more convenient as its holds more urine. You do now need to change the baby as often as cloth nappies. Nappy pads are cheaper than disposable diapers for babies.

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