Keep Your Car Safe with Mot Testing Croydon

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    Apr 09, 2014
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Keep Your Car Safe with Mot Testing Croydon Photo by Malachi Disuza

MOT test (Ministry of Transport test) is the annual test of automobiles that is mandatory by The Ministry of Transport, UK. This test is done to ascertain automobile safety, exhaust emission, mileage of the vehicle, and other aspects of an automobile to ascertain whether it is worthy to be run on public roads. MOT test is conducted for those vehicles that are over 3 years old. Mot Testing in Croydon is done to keep a check on a vehicle which meets the environmental standards and road safety.  A vehicle must have a MOT TESTING done every year if it is 3 or more years old.

It should be done from an approved testing centre which has the MOT sign in blue with 3 triangles. Vehicles whose MOT Testing has expired will not be allowed to run and people driving such vehicles will be prosecuted under certain laws regulated by the Ministry of Transport. If the vehicle passes the MOT test then a certificate is issued and will be recorded onto the secure central MOT database, but if the vehicle fails the MOT test then the same will also be recorded in the secure central MOT database. The vehicle is to be retested at the same test centre which had earlier conducted the MOT Testing. MOT testing fees depends on the type of vehicle being tested.

If you are looking to get the MOT test done on your vehicle then you should be looking for a service center that offers good customer service. You would want the service center to be customer centric sharing all the required information about the vehicle with you. The technicians should be experienced and knowledgeable and must do an excellent job and provide a customer friendly ambience that makes you feel comfortable, confident and safe. The service being provided should be accompanied by an affordable price tag. Having trained and experienced technicians is essential in this reference because car servicing is something that requires in depth analysis.

Often, technicians do not foresee problems that might occur in the future or simply choose to ignore them. Hence your vehicles Mot testing in Croydon should be done via experts who provide you with complete information about the existing condition of the car and keep you posted about the problems that might occur in the future.

MOT Testing done on each automobile by the technicians is to be recorded and a certificate of ‘pass or fail’ is to be issued. They should undertake thorough checkup of the vehicle which includes exteriors, interiors, under the bonnet and even under the vehicle before issuing a certificate. Any parts of the vehicle which may need repairs sooner or later is mentioned in the final reports so that the customers are alert and ensure that the needed maintenance is carried out in due time. These types of repairs or alerts are marked under ‘advisory items’ on the reports .Each vehicle has to undergo minimum 150 individual checkups to ensure that it is safe for the vehicle to be driven. Bookings for the MOT testing can be done easily.

The following things are taken care of in a MOT test:

Are all the lights fully working? Are the suspensions OK? Is there tension on the handbrake? Whether the tyre pressure is OK? Whether the windscreen is damaged or not? Are the windscreen wipers working properly? Is the exhaust leaking? Whether the license plate is legible? Checking of brake fluids, oil reserves, and windscreen washers filled?  Are the fuel cap, mirrors, seatbelts are functioning properly? All these test need to be done and that to at an affordable rate.

So, go ahead and have your vehicles Mot Testing in Croydon done today.

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