Lead Generation Tips: Website Content Writing that Converts

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    Jul 18, 2013
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Lead Generation Tips: Website Content Writing that Converts Photo by Scott Billingsley

Website content writing is great for any business trying to make it big online. Your creativity and authority can shine through when your articles are informative, useful, interesting and well-crafted.

Once you've mastered writing fresh and engaging material, the next step is writing for lead generation and conversion.

Website Content Writing Tips that Help Convert

Let's say your content has helped your business earn a solid reader base. This only means one thing – you have the perfect opportunity to leverage readers to get positive ROI.

These website content writing tips will tell you how:

1. Tweak your headline

Little changes in your word use and structure can make a huge difference.

• Use the word "free" or "free 30-day trial" in the headline will attract more prospects as opposed to just saying something like "get a premium account now." Most Internet users want to get items for the cheapest price or no price at all.
• Setting a time frame promises that people will receive a benefit in a desirable time period. Example headlines are "Free Yourself from Debt in 12 Weeks or Less" and "Lose 20 Pounds in 30 days."
• A headline that exposes lies about a topic people care about can be very intriguing, like when you say "8 Lies Real Estate Agents are Telling Home Buyers" or "What is Your Doctor Not Telling You about Vaccines."
• Exaggerating headlines work really well, just like how Cracked.com writes their headlines. The formula is [Number] + "Most" + [Exaggerated Adjective] + [Subject]. The headline would look like "The 7 Most Unintentionally Nightmarish Children's Characters," which is a real headline.

2. Provide lengthy articles

Some people love reading and want to get as much information about a certain topic from one single source. For instance, an article that lists "35 Ways to Become a Better Writer" or "50 Tips to Survive a Suffering Economy" is interesting not because how it tells you how to live life, but because of how information-rich it is.

People are greedy; we want articles that feed our thirst for excessive information. Finding just 5 to 10 ways to tie a tie or cook an egg isn't enough when there are articles that give you 16, 20 or 100.

Also, Google loves long articles since they're all about valuable content.

An article is considered long if it has at least 2000 words.

3. Case studies

If your primary target customers are other businesses, case studies are another way to drive conversions. Make sure the case studies are detailed. You could give trade secrets that reveal how you became so successful, and you could use one of your customers/clients who reached success with your service or product. Consider including a photo of the customer and your product or service within the content.

Turning the case study into a blog post is an easy way to promote it, although you can also make it downloadable. When it's a blog post, it's easier to convert those who want free information right on your site.

4. Calls-to-action

CTAs are one of the easiest ways to drive people to take an action. Your call-to-action's  copy is just as important as the button's color, shape and size. While it's important to test out what works best for your website, try to avoid generic CTAs – instead of writing "Buy now!" use "Add to cart – Save 30%."

The placement is also important. Give the button a prominent space it deserves, but also consider your overall website design.

There are many factors in website content writing that contribute to successful lead generation and conversion. Use these tips as a guide to making the most out of your content.

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