Truth or Lie - Common Energy Myths Debunked

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    Aug 27, 2014
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Truth or Lie - Common Energy Myths Debunked Photo by Colin Armstrong

Everyone has a range of ways to save energy. People commonly believe they know how to save money best. This is especially the case with people who have electric heaters because they have so much control over energy. In truth, many of the money saving options on offer will nearly always cost you more money. In this article, we are going to look at some of these common energy myths. Visit our site to find out more.

Keeping the Heater on all Day : Many people believe your home expends more energy heating up the hot water heater than it does when leaving it on all day. This is probably the most common myth of all. You do not need to have your hot water heater on all day.

Most homes will have enough insulation to keep water hot long after the heater has been switched off. Furthermore, you do not always need a steady stream of hot water. Modern appliances like dishwashers and washing machines heat water themselves, so they do not have to be connected to a hot water heater. In many ways, the hot water heater has fewer tasks to complete than ever before.

Higher Thermostat Equals Faster Heat : Here’s another myth about electric heating you probably believe. If you come home and the house is freezing, it is tempting to turn the thermostat up as far as it can possibly go. Supposedly, this is going to get the house warmer at a faster rate. This is a complete myth. Your boiler cannot work any faster than it already is doing. Turning the thermostat up to a higher temperature will make absolutely no difference to your home’s temperature. It only increases the upper bounds. Most people do not turn it back down, so they end up wasting money for no good reason.

Low Radiators Mean More Savings : There is some truth to this myth. You can turn your radiators down to save money and heat your home at the same time. The problem is the majority of people never remember to turn their thermostats down at the same time. If you keep your thermostat aiming for the same temperature, your boiler will continue to work. You are now spending more money than before because your radiators have to work harder and longer. Always turn both of them down or you could find yourself paying more than anticipated.

On a side note, although it may be tempting to turn off your radiators in rooms you are not using to save money, don’t bother. Radiators need to work continuously or it can lead to mould and damp forming in your home. Leave them at an extremely low setting when they are in a room you are not using. Overall, these myths are designed to show you that many off the money saving actions we take are almost completely ineffectual. Just because your mother claims it works does not mean to say it actually does. Consider this information and you will save money on your heating bills going forward.

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