Smart Ways you can Increase the Efficiency of your Electric Radiators this Winter

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    Aug 04, 2014
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Smart Ways you can Increase the Efficiency of your Electric Radiators this Winter Photo by Colin Armstrong

Efficiency means everything when it comes to home heating solutions. Whether you are talking about panel heaters or space heaters, efficiency means lower bills and better green credentials. Even if you are unwilling to alter your current heating solution, there are ways you can boost efficiency. What we are going to teach you in this article is a number of smart ways you can make your electric radiators do more for less.

Use a Thermostat : Always use a thermostat to control the temperature. This ensures that the radiator never goes above a certain temperature. You do not want to allow it to work as much as it wants;otherwise,it is heating the room unnecessarily. A thermostat caps how hard it can work, and therefore how much energy it can waste.

It’s all in the Boiler : Make sure you have your boiler serviced at least every two-three years for newer boilers and every year for older boilers. You want to make sure your boiler is running at an optimal rate because it all affects how good your radiators are.

Boiler problems means your boilers are working harder to sustain the temperature you want from your vertical radiators. Make sure you replace your current boiler after about fifteen years.

Consider Insulation : It requires a significant investment on your part, but insulating your home can reduce the need to switch on your radiators. In the dead of winter, an hour with the radiators on can keep you going for the entire evening. Modern insulation is designed to trap heat inside and increase the amount of time it takes to dissipate out of your home.

Insulation is also something the UK government aims to promote. They want to make sure that every home is insulated for the sake of the environment. If you live in certain areas, you could find either a grant or a low-interest loan to have your home insulated.

In the long-term, this can save you hundreds of pounds on your heating bills.

Switch On…for a While : Sometimes we have to acknowledge much of the inefficiency comes from our actions. One area where people often waste energy is in how long they switch the heaters on for. The fact is too many people are turning on radiators only to leave them on, even when they hit the correct temperatures.

Today, we no longer need to worry about this. High-end radiators can be programmed to switch on and switch off again for a certain amount of time. For example, you could set your radiators to turn on for the first hour after you finish work. The heat left by this hour will last for most of the night, enabling you to become more efficient.

Upgrade! : If your heating system is old, now is the time to upgrade. It is not just the fact your system is old and is losing efficiency. It is the fact there are better alternatives already on the market. Look at what is available to you and see if it’s cost-effective for you to purchase something new.

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