Save on Your Energy Bill with Air Conditioning Care

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    Jun 21, 2013
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Keeping your air conditioning unit serviced can help reduce your bills
Keeping your air conditioning unit serviced can help reduce your bills
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With the economy in a state of flux and the threat of higher electricity costs, it is time to seriously look at doing something to save on those energy bills. A few things are listed here that you can do regarding your heating and air system to keep those bills as low as possible.

Maintenance on Your Air Conditioning Unit

Your comfort is of the utmost importance and your air conditioning unit is key in keeping you and your family happy during the summer months. When the AC system goes out during those triple digit periods, the suffering can be beyond words. However, you can prevent this by getting regular maintenance done for your AC, improving efficiency incredibly.

The things that will be looked at when an air conditioning repair company comes out will be:

1. Filters - when these are clogged it greatly reduces cooling ability
2. Leaky ducts - if the cool air is leaking out of cracks in the duct system, you lose out
3. Fan motors not lubricated - when the fan motor is not operating effectively, the cool air isn't getting distributed properly

Annual maintenance can keep the air conditioning system working great and save on the costs of operating it. A professional will check all moving parts and oil them as needed. The wiring will be inspected as well. Belts and filters will be inspected and anything replaced as required. The earlier you get this done the better. Once the season has started, it can get just a bit more difficult to get fast service.

Programmable Thermostat for Your Air Conditioning Comfort

According to the popular Sacramento company, AirSmiths Heating and Air, a programmable thermostat is a great way to save on energy costs. You may think it is too complicated, but if you figured out your DVR system you can easily figure out your programmable thermostat. It is even simpler! You program the air conditioning for the optimum temperatures while the occupants are at home, asleep or away from home. You don't need your AC running at top form when you are asleep, and if you set it correctly, less is more! You set it and then just go about your business with no more attention to it.

An Energy Audit to Keep "the Cool" from Air Conditioning

An energy audit can help homeowners greatly. When you really take a look, you will see cracks and gaps around doors and windows, around the plumbing and even the electrical wiring. Cool air escapes and jacks up those monthly electricity bills. A professional can come out to your home and find all the places where air escapes and where that warm air enters and counteracts your air conditioning. Once you have the solution, you can take action to fix these holes and save.

You can get a head start even before you call the HVAC professional. Use calking to fill in the cracks around your door frames. Hardware stores have window kits that allow you to simply put plastic sheeting over windows and you can remove it in the springtime.

Follow the above tips and you will find that you save money on your energy bills and have all the comfort you desire from your air conditioning system.

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