Disadvantages of Solar Panels and Why You Shouldn't Worry about Them

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    Sep 02, 2014
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Disadvantages of Solar Panels and Why You Shouldn Photo by Colin Armstrong

Households running electric boilers know they have the option of installing solar panelling to help them generate electricity. There are so many benefits to them, such as reducing your carbon footprint and making sure you pay less on your heating bills. We are not going to lie, there are disadvantages associated with them. There are cons as well as pros. This is why we wanted to clear the air on the matter. Yes, there are disadvantages, but there are many reasons why thesedo not actually matter. Read on for more information, or visit our site to find out more.

Aesthetic Concerns : It is true that some people simply don’t like the aesthetic look of solar panels. Some people believe they look like eyesores. The truth is fashion is changing in the housing trade and the ultra-modern panels are a fashion statement. More and more new homes are having these installed by default. The aesthetic concerns may be a problem, but any worries should be tempered by the fact you are going to save hundreds if not thousands of pounds over the course of your lifetime on energy bills.

100% Sun : Most households will not be able to become self-sufficient in the UK. They will have to have a backup electricity generating option. The reason for this is that we have long periods throughout the year where we do not have a lot of sunlight. This is especially the case in places like Scotland where, in the winter, days are incredibly short and nights are long. This should not be a problem, though. Yes, you will not have sun all the time, but it does not cost you anything if your solar panels are not generating electricity. You will not pay anything more for them to be on standby.

Moreover,there is nothing stopping you from remaining connected to the National Grid through your conventional electricity provider. It will notaffect the amount you save!

Expensive Installation Cost : Much has been made of how expensive these panels are to install. We cannot deny it will cost thousands of pounds to install new solar panels. What people have to remember is this is a long-term investment. You are supposed to recoup the cost over an extended period. There’s no record of a household with solar panelling ever not making that money back through savings.

If you are regularly using panel heaters to heat your home, you’re going to save a lot of money simply through generating free energy from sunlight.

Furthermore, you can sell any leftover energy you generate back to the National Grid at full market price. This allows you to make money whilst you are saving money. These days you can expect it to take roughly ten years for you to get the money back. It can vary depending on what part of the UK you live in, the direction your house is facing, and the weather over the next few years. Some factors are unpredictable, which means it could be shorter or it could be longer. The bottom line is you will always get the money you spent on the installation back.

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