Why Do You Need Dubai Marhaba Services?

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    May 13, 2014
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Why Do You Need Dubai Marhaba Services? Photo by Isha Yama

A trip to Dubai is meant to be a vacation worth having. With luxury and opulence being a few of the expected parts of the trip, Dubai’s Marhaba Services ensures the same from the moment you reach your destination. Literally translating to the word “welcome” in Arabic, this Meet and Greet Services are customised to ensure that your journey through airport formalities in Dubai and easy and hassle-free. With an opulent Marhaba Lounge in the offering, passengers who are both departing or in transit can enjoy a list of services and meals that are both exciting and amazing to behold!

While jaded travellers may come to expect such services, this cultural touch will surely go a long way in placating regular travellers. Travellers on their first visit will surely find this to be a warming experience as well. With escort support for the elderly as well a number of in-airport services available, Marhaba services are the perfect welcoming touch for travellers visiting this destination. Keeping in mind the often tiresome process of customs and immigration that travellers face in other counties, it is little surprise that this support goes a long way in ensuring that your travel to Dubai becomes both bearable and easier on the mind.  

While this is a paid service, the perks that come with the package make Marhaba services a beneficial experience, especially if you are booking for family or valued customers. With a number of categories available, travellers have their pick of services to choose from. You can get your baggage delivered anywhere in the UAE, courtesy Dubai’s Marhaba services. Alternatively, you can also ask for a stroller for your toddler. With tailor-made Marhaba services, you can transform your airport travel into an experience. It should be noted, though, that these services are currently available only in Dubai and Bahrain airports.   

How does one apply for Dubai’s Marhaba services?

You need to makes sure that the application for the same happens much in advance. Marhaba services must be booked at least 24 hours in advance of arrival or departure. Travellers who may not need these services also have the option of cancelling the same. Visitors opting for this can be assured of 100 percent refunds if said cancellations are made at least 8 hours in advance of arrival or departure. Cancellations as well as any changes in the services can be made either by email or by a telephone call. 

While the nature of this bonus may be paid, Dubai’s Marhaba services offer an easy way to redefine your airport experience. With endless waiting and delays a thing of the past thanks to this service, the question of why you might need this may become a redundant one once you have experienced the same.

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Isha Yama is an employee of Cox and Kings Global Services. Along with wanting to ensure that travellers have the required information about visa and visa-related services, she explains relevant details about the Dubai Marhaba Services that individuals should know before booking it. She also talks about the Marhaba services in Dubai at length, while elucidating the benefits of these services.

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