Things To Know About Vietnam Visa On Arrival

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    Mar 16, 2013
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High flying to Vietnam
High flying to Vietnam
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Are you planning to make this holiday a memorable one? Then plan for a Vietnam trip. Vietnam is a wonderful destination known for its lush green landscape and natural beauty. Many people travel to Vietnam every year, because of its aesthetic beauty that attracts everyone. With 24/7 online support, getting visa to Vietnam is simple, fast and easy these days. Vietnam Visa on Arrival allows you to visit Vietnam without any preparations taken for other visa or passports.

Few nations have Vietnam visa exemption too. The countries that have visa exemption with less than 15 days are Japan, Korea, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Russia. Philipines and Cambodia have less than 21 days and Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Laos and Scandinavia countries have less than 30 days exemption. Citizens of French, Turkish, Praguan and Ecuado who have diplomatic passports can stay in Vietnam for 3 months and Chilean for 60 days. The citizens other than these countries should have to apply for visas on arrival to Vietnam.

There are travel agencies that assist you in getting your visa to Vietnam. Just you have to fill an online form mentioning all your personal information. After confirming your details, you need to pay a little fee charged for the approval letter. Immediately after your details and payment is confirmed, your information will be sent to Vietnam Immigration Department. They provide the approval letter for your Vietnam Visa. You will be getting the letter within two working days. Regardless of number of entities, you can be in Vietnam for up to 6 months.

You need to apply for a visa on arrival online for the following reasons.

- Online process saves your precious time. You would not have to wait for a week or more to get your visa. It’s possible to get the visa within 2 days, or in emergency circumstances, you can get it within a day.

- It’s being a simple procedure to get your pre-approved Vietnam visa, you need to give all your details online without any troubles. Online procedure makes it very simple as you take couple of minutes for the online application and further moving.

- It saves your money unlike the other lengthening process to get your visa. You have to pay only for the stamping and service alone. It’s a convenient way to get your visa immediately, without any troubles.

If you are residing away from Vietnam Embassy/Consulate, Vietnam visa on arrival is the best choice you can make.


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