How to Apply For the Passport Online?

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    Jun 09, 2014
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How to Apply For the Passport Online? Photo by Arvind  Sharma

The introduction of online technology has revolutionized the passport application service as it has moved it from the traditional manual application where forms were filled to a more flexible and easy to use computer system. Initially, people used to queue and wait for a long time. Now, online passport application has seen the easy and quick job of obtaining a passport.


You can choose from a variety of passport application services, one which includes applying online. If this process is done online one must have proper knowledge of the website from where the passport application service can be used. Once you have found the site, what follows is the log in and surfing through it so that the passport application service process is started.


As you log into the site, the Passport Application Services shows you where different applications can be made depending on what exactly your need is. Passport Application Services offers different forms for particular needs including those that are specifically for first timers, those that are used by people who want to renew theirs after expiry periods and those who want to correct anomalies.

Correct Forms

Once you have logged into the site and made the correct choice of the form you need, what follows is the Passport Application Service process which is quite simple. You have to start by making entries of your personal details like the names and the date of birth. What follows thereafter is the filling of other information that is requested as per the form.

Passport Center

Having successfully undertaken the Online Passport Application process, you now need to print out the form. Check it properly if there are any errors to be corrected. Then, take it to the passport authorities for verification. The verification process is easy and does not need much detailing. Once it has been proved to be okay, you can now sign it for authentication.

Necessary documents

While visiting the passport issuance offices, equip yourself with the other necessary documentations like the birth certificate and any certifications proving that you are a citizen of the nation from where the application is being made.


As soon as everything has been approved, be sure that you are on your way to getting the traveling document. The entire process takes approximately three weeks.

You can track the progress of your case online. The online passport application websites have features that enhance in helping people in case they experience problems or do not know what to do.

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Arvind Sharma is an employee of Cox and Kings Global Services. Along with wanting to ensure that travellers have extensive information on passport application services, he also researches extensively about the online passport application process.

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