How Blueway Limited Can Win You Flight Delay Compensation Dating Back To 2005?

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    Dec 03, 2013
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How Blueway Limited Can Win You Flight Delay Compensation Dating Back To 2005? Photo by Stephen Godden

If you and your family members have suffered a delayed flight since the year 2005 onwards then you are entitled to claim back compensation, which can be as much as 600 Euros per person. A flight delay is an extremely experience and any traveler will know how a flight delay can spoil your excitement or working schedule. We at Blueway Limited ( will make sure that you are paid an appropriate amount of compensation for the time you lost due to the flight delay.

If your flight delay compensation has been rejected by an EU airline then you can get in touch with us to inform us of the details of the delayed flight. If your flight has arrived three hours later than the scheduled timings and the airline is an EU airline then we will fight on your behalf with the respective airline. If the airline is not an EU airline then there is another exception for this: if the flight is landing or taking off from an EU country.

According to EC regulations 261/2004, which came into existence in the year 2005 it states that all the passengers are entitled to claim compensation if the flight they were intending to travel on was cancelled, delayed or if they were denied to board the flight.

Applicability of this regulation

EC regulation 261/2004 applies to the following passengers

• A passenger who has departed from an EU airport that is situated in a territory of member state
• If the flight had a confirmed reservation

Flight delay refunds can be paid in the form of cash, cheque, bank transfer and bank draft. A passenger can directly apply for compensation and if the air carrier is not responding you can visit our website  for taking your claim from the airline.

The airline might deny you compensation by making some excuses such as the flight was delayed due to extraordinary circumstances

The flight delay compensation ranges from 250 Euros to 600 Euros per passenger. The amount of compensation payable doesn’t depend upon the cost of the flight ticket, but it is the distance the flight has travelled and the length of the delay.

Check out the amount of compensation you are entitled to Within EU
• Less than 1500 kilometers– 250 Euros
• Between 1500 and 3500 kilometers – 300 Euros
• More than 3500 kilometers –between 3 and 4 hours late - 300 Euros
• More than 3500 kilometers –more than 4 hours late - 600 Euros

Blueway Limited works on a strictly no fee no win basis. The only thing we charge is 20% of the compensation we have won for you. Once you assign us the task of European flight delay compensation, we will keep you fully informed with the progression of the flight delay compensation.

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